Glenn Greenwald is coming to speak in Ottawa!

Canada, America – Together into the Storm
Secrecy, War, and Civil Liberties

Glenn Greenwald
Glenn Greenwald

Glenn Greenwald, the noted authour, journalist, and civil rights columnist at Salon.com,  is coming to Ottawa.

7 PM – April 12, 2012 at Saint Paul University Auditorium,  Room 203, 223 Main St. Ottawa.

Tickets $20, $15 dollars for students and seniors. Available at the door (cash only) or at Octopus Books in the Glebe


We’ve also added a reception for 30 after the talk. There will also be a cash bar. So please join us and meet the Greenwald close up! Tickets are here.

Glenn Greenwald is a NYT best selling author and frequent commenter on CBC, MSNBC, Morning Joe, and Democracy Now, Russia Today and many more. Glenn is recognized as one of the most influential journalists in America. In December 2010,  it was Glenn Greenwald who broke the news that the U.S. military was holding alleged whistleblower Bradley Manning in long-term intensive solitary confinement, and subjecting him to  enforced nudity, a type of treatment that is widely recognized to be a form of torture. As a result of Greenwald’s expose, Manning was moved to Leavenworth and treated like any other prisoner.

Greenwald is known for his uncompromising writing on civil rights, the growing security state, Wikileaks, torture, and American exceptionalism.

If you are interested in politics, the wars, surveillance, or the security state; no one is writing more cogently, scathingly, or with such passion and precision — as Glenn Greenwald.

The White House is now listening to Glenn, why not you? See you there!

“One of the smartest and most important new voices to emerge in politics in years. —Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, founder of Daily Kos”

Glenn Greenwald is “the most important voice to have entered the political discourse in years.” —Bill Moyers

I rely on Glenn Greenwald, above all, for understanding the assaults by this administration on the Constitution, and for pointing
the way toward regaining a republic.  There’s no one whose work has impressed me more. —Daniel Ellsberg

“The first thing I do when I turn on the computer in the morning is go to Glenn Greenwald’s blog to see what he said.
He is truly one of our greatest writers right now.” —Michael Moore

“Glenn Greenwald is not just the American Left’s most fearless political commentator; his fearlessness is such that he has shifted the expectations for everyone else, too. His rock-ribbed principles and absolute disregard for partisan favor have made U.S. political discourse edgier, more confrontational, and much much better.”
—Rachel Maddow

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Glenn Greenwald is coming to speak in Ottawa!